The most famous dogs in history

The most famous dogs in history

Who are the most famous dogs in the world? Believe it or not, these animals can do a lot more than just walk around the house. Some dogs have done truly heroic deeds, such as serving people in the military or distributing vital medicines in extreme weather.

Chow Chow Jofi

It was the favorite pet of the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. With the dog's help, the doctor calmed down his anxiety patients during the therapy sessions. Jofie has always had a positive influence on patients.

Dog named Laika-astronaut

Laika was the first dog to enter space or orbit of our planet aboard the Soviet Sputnik-2 spacecraft. Unfortunately, the animal died in flight alone, as the space station was not designed to return to Earth.

Rin Tin Tin

Rin Tin Tin was a famous dog actor. His talent was noticed by American corporal Duncan, who discovered this dog as a baby in a house destroyed by bombing during the First World War. Beneath the ruins, the corporal found a whole family of dogs - a mother with cubs. Unfortunately, in the end only Rin Tin Ting survived, and she was already successfully starring in movies in the early 1920s in America.

A Siberian wolf named Balto lived and worked in Alaska with a team of other service dogs supplying materials to miners. Initially, Balto was considered the weakest dog of all dogs in the pack, but as they say, never judge a book by its cover. In 1925, a real epidemic broke out in the mining town and almost all of its residents became very sick. Brave Balto, along with the other dogs, literally rescued all these people and delivered an important medicine to the city, despite the very severe weather and cold weather.

Smoky named Yorkshire Terrier

When it comes to military dogs, the last breed that comes to mind is the Yorkshire Terrier. But Smokey was exactly York. He was found in an abandoned trench during World War II, and then Corporal William Wynne (Billy Wynne) took over the baby's education. Smokey helped the soldiers in their difficult service, learned many tricks and even became the first "medical dog".

Bo Obama

Bo was one of the family pets of US President Barack Obama. Both Barak himself and his daughter Malia (Malia) had a very strong allergy to dogs, so the family approached the breed selection of their new pets with special care. So a hypoallergenic Portuguese water dog appeared in the Obama family.