20 Fun Facts About Dogs

20 Fun Facts About Dogs

A dog is man's best friend, so how much do you know about dogs? Check out what you know and what you've discovered from the facts presented below.
1. Dogs read our emotions well
Few pets can understand our emotions. Dogs can interpret our facial expressions and interact with us depending on our mood.

2. Your face is your fingerprint
Dogs' nose is unique and inimitable. This is equivalent to human fingerprints. There is police data on muzzle tokens such as fingerprints.

3.Millionaire dogs
How do millionaire dogs live? Good question. In some countries, including the United States, a dog can become the legal heir to the owner's property upon death. Some owners are so attached to their four-legged friends that they leave unimaginable amounts of money to them. So, the richest heiress was a German shepherd named the Third Gunther. As per his will, he inherited nearly $ 80 million. There are an estimated 1 million millionaire dogs in the United States.

4. Dogs can learn up to 250 words
The most advanced dogs with the best training can learn more than 250 words. Even puppies learn more words than we realize. The more words you repeat, the more your puppy will learn.

5.The fastest dogs are greyhounds
In case you don't know, the fastest dog breed in the world is the Greyhound. Greyhounds can reach speeds in excess of 45 kilometers per hour.

6. Pit bull is not a breed
Pitbulls are not dogs. It's more of a mix of man-made races. American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, Argentine Bulldog, Japanese Tosa, Great Dane de Bordeaux and Bulldog are mixed.

7. Auditory sensitivity
Dogs' ears are so sensitive that even the sound of rain hurts and distorts other sounds. This is why dogs hate rain.

8. Dogs can detect diseases
According to some studies, dogs may feel like you have cancer or epilepsy. They can detect lung or skin cancer, the cancer cells emit the smell dogs smell.

9.The oldest breed is Saluki
This is the oldest dog breed. It is believed to be descendants of Ara Desert wolves. In ancient Egypt, they were highly regarded after having mummified some individuals.

10. Dogs can suffer from depression
Your dog may suffer from seasonal depression. The mood worsens in winter. If you notice that your pet is "tired", don't panic. Just try to give him some more activity and play.

11. Fireworks can cause death
This has been confirmed. Any end of year celebration or a party where fireworks fire will affect your dog's health and even cause death from a heart attack. Keep him away from fireworks.

12.The famous poodle is not French
Although it looks different, the poodles are not from France. Its origin is German, and its name means something more or less like "jumping dog".

13. Dog Laika
Laika, the dog in orbit in space. On November 3, 1957, the second Soviet Earth satellite Laika launched its dog into orbit.
The four-legged explorer of the universe did not return and came up with a list of space victims, animals first, and then humans.

14. The song "Marta, my dear" is dedicated to the dog
Martha, dear, this is a Beatles song that Paul McCartney wrote about his dog. Few people know this detail.

15. 15.88% of dogs in the USA have been neutered
Yet there is an overpopulation problem in the United States. The dog population is estimated to exceed 75 million people. Problem...

16. Dogs were accused of witchcraft
Of course we are talking about the Middle Ages. In 1692 the dog was hanged in Salem. He was accused of witchcraft.

17. Guide dogs
While this may seem normal now, the first guide dogs were trained by the Germans during World War 1 to help people with disabilities.

18. The origin of the Doberman
A German tax collector named Louis Dobermann created the Dobermann breed. He needed a dog that could combine strength, loyalty, and intelligence for protection.

19. Dogs sweat
Yes, dogs sweat. And not leather like us, but paw pads sweat.

20. I don't see black and white
The myth that dogs only see black and white is false. Recent research confirms that dogs have color vision but are colorblind. So they mix red and green.